Corporate Social Responsiblities

Corporate Social Responsiblities

Doctor Water is an ISO-certified, CSIR accredited company committed to the development and manufacturing of water treatment plants assuring people in both rural and urban areas, mostly in states like West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, and Assam the access to treated water.  

Our Corporate Social Responsibility encourages us to provide high-quality water dispensing systems for people in public places. In a span of 30 years, we have been diligently offering water treatment plants and facilities for charitable causes. Despite the highs and lows that our company had faced in the past decades, we did not deter away from our charitable initiatives.  We are constantly engineering treatment plants and water dispensing systems especially for:

  • Rural School – Water Treatment Plant
  • Charitable Hospital – Water Treatment Plant
  • Places of Worship – Water Treatment Plant
  • Carbon Credit – Established over 350 Neem plants
  • Kokrajhar, Assam – Consultancy for Water Body
  • In North Sikkim, we have Acquired (Leased for 99 Years) 6 acres of land for Water Plantation.

We would also appreciate if you come forward and help us propagate such charitable initiatives through advice and suggestions.

Sincere Thanks for Support and Patrons

  • Late Mr. Basu Matari (Ex Boro Councillors)
  • Ajit Rathore (Retired IFS)
  • Amit Kumar Singh (Ex IAS)
  • Retired Lieutenant T.P.S. Rahman (51 Engineering)
  • Late Dr. Sattabrata Banerjee (Ex Fellow of Cambridge University)