Mineral Packaged Water Drinking Plant in Kolkata, Cost-efficient

Mineral Packaged Water Drinking Plant in Kolkata, Cost-efficient

What is Mineral Packaged Water Drinking Plant?

Mineral Packaged Water Drinking

In the industry of Mineral packaged water drinking plant, Dr. Water is a name to be reckoned with. The existence of life would be impossible without water. It is impossible to survive without water. I believe that drinking pure water that’s free of bacteria and germs is essential for good health. Due to this demand for safe, healthy drinking water in India, packaged drinking water has increased in demand.

Various companies sell Mineral packaged water drinking plant today on the market. There are many packet sizes available, including tetra packs, small plastic pouches, and bottles. Water packaged in bottles, however, is much in demand. Dr. Water is the name you should trust if you are looking for a Mineral packaged water drinking plant in India.

Product Specification of Mineral Packaged Water Drinking

TypeSemi-Automatic, Fully Automatic
Capacity500- 1000 liter per hour, 1000-5000 liter, 5000-10000 liter per hour
Included  MachinesRo Purification Unit, Automatic Filling Machine, Blowing Machine, Labeling Machine, Batch Coding Machine, Laboratory with calibration, Wrapping Machine
Feed Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour)500-1000, 1000-1500, 1500-2000, more than 2000
Material AvailableCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Mineral Packaged Water Drinking
Ro Plant

The Benefit of Packaged water drinking plant?

Nowadays, drinking water packaged in a bottle must accompany you wherever you go. Life without water is impossible. But did you know that water can also put your health at risk since it carries germs and bacteria? Poor quality water can actually cause diseases like jaundice and liver infections. Therefore, mineral water sales are on the rise. Additionally, the number of packaged drinking water plants is also increasing.

  • Loss of weight
  • Keep your bones healthy
  • Reduced Blood Pressure & LDL Cholesterol
  • Kidney stone risk can be reduced

Loss of weight

Calories are not added to the package drinking water. Because of this, it is always a better option than juice, soda water, and other beverages. Consuming mineral water on a regular basis will help keep your body from adding calories every day.

Package Water Drinking Plant

Keep your bones healthy

In women after menopause, their bones may deteriorate and they may suffer from osteoporosis. Maintaining bone density is easier if you drink mineral water every day. By doing so, you can prevent sudden fractures and other bone problems.

Reduced Blood Pressure & LDL Cholesterol

Various heart diseases, including cardiac arrest, are often caused by high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. Mineral water containing magnesium lowers blood pressure and lowers bad cholesterol.

Kidney stone risk can be reduced A high calcium oxalate level contributes to kidney stone formation. The potassium in mineral water helps to reduce the formation of calcium oxalate by providing the mineral with salt. As a consequence, kidney stones have a lower chance of forming.

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