Arsenic Removal Plant

Arsenic Removal Plant

Our company provides a high-quality arsenic removal plant, so you can stop your search. The Dr. Water Company has years of experience in designing water filters to meet a wide range of needs. Arsenic can cause a variety of things, such as gangrene, cancer, and other incurable diseases, so removing iron from the water before consuming it is essential.

Having our arsenic removal filters in your house means you won’t have to worry about the safety of your drinking water. The arsenic removal filters we offer are widely used since they are able to purify the water very quickly once they are introduced. Various stages of filtration are used to ensure that dissolved impurities are completely removed from drinking water. We use the latest technologies that can effectively treat arsenic.

Features :


  1. Low-cost and simple.
  2. Single-stage with no pretreatment required.
  3. As all forms of arsenic are simultaneously removed, both pentavalent and trivalent.
  4. The pH of treated water does not change due to the filtering at natural pH.
  5. Water containing high salt concentrations can also be processed by this method.
  6. The treated water does not contain any residual elements.
  7. Along with arsenic, certain toxic metals are eliminated.
  8. Electricity is not required.




Methods used for Arsenic removal :


1. Oxidation/reduction

2. Precipitation

3.Adsorption and ion exchange

4. Resin Filter

5. Coagulation/Filtration

6. Lime Softening

7. Biological removal processes

8. Solid/liquid separation


Supplied to :


1. Copper

2. Zinc


4. Lead

5. Tin

6. Cadmium

7. Mercury and more

8. Fluoride