Mineral Water Treatment Plant

Mineral Water Treatment Plant

As a water treatment company and with great repute, we at Doctor Water have devised new technology to ensure that water is treated and all the impurities removed. This will ensure the reduction of bacterial influence. That is the reason for the surge in Water Treatment Plant & Equipments and this is where we, at Doctor Water comes in to picture.
We provide a brief structure regarding the mineral water plant cost to those who seek to establish their own mineral water plant. We are the most renowned mineral water machine suppliers in Kolkata and not without reason as we provide the mineral water machinery at very competitive rates. These are suitable for setting up the water plant in rural or urban parts of the country.

The Diverse Components of the Mineral water machinery:

Automatic Mineral water Bottle Blowing Machine as supplied by us at Doctor Water is manufactured under experienced and passes through several quality checks before they are sold.

1. 24 BPM Mineral water Bottle Filling machine is supplied by us to ease and aid in faster and easier water filling and most suitable for commercial purposes.

2. For residence, housing, office building Purpose

3. Ozone Generator, which is used in the industrial water plants are used so that the work of treatment and production of mineral water happens without any interruption. These are made with utmost precautions and meeting all the demands of the clients across the country.

4. Ultraviolet Sterilizer is undoubtedly a must-have in the mineral water machinery and hence has to be made from superior quality raw material to sustain the long term use.

5. Reverse Osmosis System is an indispensible component of a mineral water machine manufacturer and that is why Doctor Water has brought out the most advanced reverse osmosis system for making the water suitable for consumption.