Ro Antiscalant

Ro Antiscalant

Ro Antiscalant

This pretreatment prevents the membrane from scaling when it is injected into the flow of feedwater. Particles accumulate on the surface of an RO Antiscalant and block the pores resulting in membrane scaling.

Scale formation and fouling in membrane systems are significantly reduced using the Hypersperse pretreatment program. In addition to brackish water, wastewater, and seawater, these antiscalants can also be applied to a variety of feedwater sources.

A variety of scale-forming substances can be effectively removed with SUEZ’s chemistry and materials kept in suspension. There are several types of organic contaminants that comprise foulants and scalants, including calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate, calcium fluoride, iron, colloidal material, and silica.


1. Rust free

2. Low maintenance

3. Less power consumption

4. Durable

5. Economical

6. High shelf life