Water Softening Resin

Water Softening Resin

In water softening resin, hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium, are exchanged with sodium ions as water flows through a resin bed.  Water softeners spontaneously initiate regeneration cycles when the resin has reached its maximum capacity for holding hardness ions. An exchange occurs during this cycle where sodium ions are exchanged for hardness ions, which are flushed down the drain. A sodium chloride solution is pumped through the resin to reverse the process.

Water Softening Resin


Features :

1. Low power consumption

2. Reduction of scales

3. Clogging from pipes and vessels

4. Automatic facilities to start the recharging cycle

5. Easy to operate

6. Increases the efficiency of appliances and the plumbing systems

7. Enhances service life


Water Softening Resin :

1. Oxidation/reduction

2. Precipitation

3.Adsorption and ion exchange

4. Resin Filter

5. Coagulation/Filtration

6. Lime Softening

7. Biological removal processes

8. Solid/liquid separation


Supplied to :


1. Copper

2. Zinc


4. Lead

5. Tin

6. Cadmium

7. Mercury and more

8. Fluoride