Water Treatment Plant

Doctor water is the new millenium manufacturer of the world class Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Importer of Mineral Water Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Water Softening Plant, Demineralization Plant, Swimming Pool Construction and more. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Water Treatment Plant

We offer our clients a stupendous range of Water Treatment Plant as we are the Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter and Importer of various water treatment plants based on latest waste filtration and treatment technologies. Our range encompasses as follows


Mineral Water Plant

Water treatment or purification and sanitation of water varies according to the source and kinds of water. For example, Municipal water consist of surface water and ground water and their treatment is quite differnt from industrial water supply.Health concious people are very much pron to purify Municipal water. Turn – key basis Mineral water plant is mainly offered by us. Our plant includes machines which are used to pack full treatment of water in pouches or jars. We also pack full tretment water in bottles or in cups you desire. We serve you by making bottles as per your specifications for shape and size by using Bottle Blow Molding Machine. The Machines involved in Mineral Water Plant are: Active Carbon filter To remove organics, chlorine, pesticides, odor, color, and in-organics impurities,sand filtration system to remove suspended particles, Silica Quartz Sand is used to remove turbidity from the raw water, by using Carbon Bed metal impurities is removed from the water, to remove calcium anti – Scalent Dosing System is required. For effective RO to be done to the water removal of Chlorine is required, and Magnesium salts from the water Micron Cartridge.


Water Treatment Spares

Our skilled team is engaged to serve you with our various water treatment plants.With a very experienceed team we also offer you a wide selection of water purifier spare parts. The range ecomposses PP Spun Cartridge, PP Wound, Booster Pump, Adaptor, Membrane, Carbon Filter and various otheres. The spares are designed with precision which are easy to install, resistance to corrosion witha long service life. Our products are available with various standard along with customized specifications. Our product range


Water Chilling Plant

With thorough industrial knowledge, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high quality water chilling plant in the market. These chilling plants are widely used in various industrial applications like plastic injection, moulding, heat treatment furnance oil cooling, vacuum pressure impregnation, black anodizing and more owing to their cooling abilities. we have been successful in catering the requirements of various industries by offering quality Chilling Plants. our product range


Cooling Tower

in the form of a water reservoir is an essential device for reducing the temperature of water by bringing it into contact with an air stream. These machinaries are used in different types of industries. As the cooling towers act as cooling reagents, these are widely used in thermal processing plant and in the high scale industries. Our expert pay high attention to uptodate the designing and engineering of the products, we are always at your service.our product range


Water Treatment Chemical

Doctor Water is the most trusted company that imports water treatment chemicals in India. The water treatment chemicals imported by us are unmatched in their quality and being preferred by our clients nation wide day by day with their unexplicable performance. Our product range


Demineralization Plants

Doctor Water is the renowned manufacturer and supplier of water Demineralization Plant.The process used for removal of all dissolved salts from water is referred as demineralization and deionization.Unlike home equipment, deionization units also remove all other positive metallic ions in the process and replace them with hydrogen ions instead of sodium ions. Demineralization produces water similar in quality to distillation at a lower cost for most fresh waters. The process of demineralization by ion exchange process removes all the unwanted inorganic salts like calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, sulphates, nitrates, silica etc. We have our expert team to who are always engaged in process of demineralization of water.