The water softening plant provided by Doctor Water is exceptional and provides state-of-the-art equipment and technology to soften hard water and make it soft for consumption. Great job guys!

Pritam Kumar Rangji

My name is Rajnish Daruka and I hired Doctor Water for the supply of packaged drinking water in my son’s marriage ceremony. Well, I believe it’s a misdemeanor to question the quality of service as well as the water itself. The water was crystal clear and the containers were also clean.

Mr. A. N. Maitra

Well, I came up with a project to Doctor Water for shallow hand pumps and iron removal process; they did the job quite efficiently and feel honored to write a review for the same company. Hats off Mr. Subrata! Highly recommended!


I arranged a tradeshow in Milan Mela and Doctor Water helped a lot in this regard. The company provided some appropriate and functional water atm which served the intense crowd in the fair. I have enlisted my name among one of your dedicated customers.

Amit Pal SIngh

The overall service of Doctor Water is incredible and works just according to the needs of the clients. I came to know about this company from one of my friends and want to thank him a lot for showing the appropriate partner of Reverse Osmosis.

Amar Singh

I heard a lot about Doctor Water especially when it comes to Water ATM. Yes! They are the best. They managed to supply good quality of water in the fair especially in this unimaginable heat. Great work!

Amar Chowhan

Thanks Doctor Water for providing such an incredible service for distilled water plant. The best part is, the products and types of technology they use. It feels good to write review for such a big company.

Ajay Kukar

Our locality was plagued with health problems for quite some time due to high levels of iron content in drinking water. But our distress came to an end when we approached Doctor Water. The situation in our locality is much better now, thanks to the iron removal plant installed by the company. We are not only relieved but highly impressed with the promptness and quality of their service. Kudos to Doctor Water!- An efficient and reliable company.

Shariful Islam Babu

I approached Doctor Water for the installation of a demineralisation plant on the premises of my paper mill. Trust me, I was completely overwhelmed by their sincerity and efficiency. The taste and colour of drinking water available at our mill is a testimony to the fact that I am not exaggerating. Well Done! Keep it up.

Avishek Dubay

We are highly impressed and gratified with the water atm provided by Doctor Water at the science exhibition organised by our organisation in Patna. The crystal clear water supplied by that water atm offered a pleasant relief to the visitors by quenching their thirst in a hot afternoon. I feel highly privileged to recommend such a dependable and high performing company to the readers of this review.

Sunil Kumar

I would strongly recommend Doctor Water to you if you are looking for a supply of packaged drinking water. In a seminar recently held by our organisation in Kolkata, we availed the services of doctor water and we were highly impressed by the company. We got lots of positive feedback from the participants which was great for our reputation. We proudly consider ourselves to be one of Doctor Water’s loyal customers.

T N Ghosh