The Necessity of An Efficient Iron Removal Plant in Kolkata

The Necessity of An Efficient Iron Removal Plant in Kolkata

Water treatment plants make water fitter and healthier for end-use. There are various processes Waterlike filtration and settling, to decontaminate water. The process of iron removal is applied in both small scale and large scale industries. Water treatment plants remove contaminants from general wastewater, industrial wastewater and household sewage. These plants remove chemical, physical and biological waste from water. Water coming from the different sectors have various liquid and poisonous ingredients in it. There are few iron removal plants in Kolkata than can efficiently and effectively remove iron from water. Doctor Water is a well-known name in the business when it comes to iron removal plants in Kolkata.

The Dangers of Using Water Contaminated with Iron

It is impossible to determine the percentage of iron in the water through naked eyes. However, the presence of iron can be detected in basin, bathtub or cooking utensils. When contaminated water comes in contact with the three above mentioned objects, iron combines with oxygen to form a reddish-brown substance called rust. Trust is left unattended for a long period of time then rust can become hard and slowly accumulate in the bottom of pipelines which makes the water really harmful for consumption. Apart from other problems, presence of excessive iron in food can give it a metallic taste. Taking a shower in water which is contaminated with iron is harmful as well because if it is pursued for a long period, then it can lead to hair loss.

According to a study by the State Water, Investigation Department revealed that the level of iron in some wards of Kolkata is 10 times more than tolerance limits.  This is an alarming situation which further warrants the urgency of a quality iron removal plant in Kolkata.